It was a memorable day for Dinesh & his co-driver Mushtaq Ahmed when they won the Pelwatte Rally for the 3rd time on Jan. 25, 2008 and this time in their brand new Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X RS
  Dinesh was backed by his software engineer Stef Zelenak from Australia who was present at the rally week-end. The competition was very tight with many experienced rally drivers fighting for honours. The Evo X RS out performed the capabilities of the earlier Evo IX GT which is what Dinesh was hoping it would be.
  There were 9 special stages run and Dinesh won 6 of them with some fought very closely. This was also the opening rally for the 2009 National Rally Championship.
  The next meet for Dinesh would be the Carlton Super Cross at Tissa on Feb. 22, 2009. He and his crew would be looking forward to that event.
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