It was an excellent start for Dinesh for his bid to secure the2011 National Gravel Championship for SL-GT cars up to 3500cc as he went on to win both races at the recently concluded Carlton Super Cross 2011.


He also secured pole position with a clear lead of over 1.5 seconds from Aravinda Premadasa and almost 2 seconds from Pasindu Peiris. This was also Dinesh’s second successive pole position, which was followed from Gunner Super Cross in 2010.


Dinesh understands that maintaining this position would require immense focus on Championship and there is no margin for error due to the stiff competition with the title contenders. For now, he tops the 2011 National Gravel Championship for SL-GT cars.


The next event for this Championship will be Cavalry Super Cross to be held in June 05, 2011. However much earlier than that, Dinesh will take part at the National Tarmac Championship and Speed 2011 Championship at the Pannala Tarmac Circuit meet on February 13, 2011.

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