It was an event for Dinesh and his crew to remember and an event for his competitors to forget as the true dominance of the Lancer Evo X was displayed in both races.


In qualifying Dinesh established a new course record at Cavalry Super Cross by clocking 56.140 seconds securing pole position. This was then turned in to a dominance 2 races which secured him with 20 points for the 2011 SLARDAR Championship and 10 points for the 2011 National Gravel Championship


The event was televised live on Channel EYE. The fans of Dinesh from now on could watch all the 2011 SLARDAR Championship events live on Channel EYE. The dates of these events are in the Calendar section.


The next event is within a week from now which will be the Sevanagala Rally (Gravel) to be held on June 12, 2011. We wish Dinesh and his team mate Deepthi Perera (Team CIFL) all the best in their respective classes.

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