It was the 14th time that Dinesh was at the start line at Fox Hill Super Cross having taken part in this event since 1997. Although Dinesh and his crew have strived hard over the years for glory, only 2002 was a reality.


Dinesh however was on the podium in both races and secured 12 points for the SLARDAR 2011 Championship where currently he is placed 3rd overall behind Naren Kumar from India who also competed in this event.


Pasindu Peiris at moment is very dominant in the SLARDAR 2011 Championship with 25 points and further 100 points up for grabs for any driver. As there are always 15+ cars on the grid for all the races, Dinesh feels that there would be at least 5 drivers who would fight for honours for the 2011 SL-GT SLARDAR Champion.


The next event will be Cavalry Super Cross to be held on June 04, 2011 which will be a part of the 2011 National Gravel Championship and the SLARDAR 2011 Championship.

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