The drivers and riders came to Gajaba Super Cross after a lapse of 3 years. The track layout was the same and the surface was in excellent condition with the Sri Lanka Army making a massive effort together with SLARDAR to have an excellent Super Cross.


On Saturday Dinesh was placed 3rd on the grid during qualifying with all times being very close. There were 8 cars on the grid for the 2 races.


With Gajaba Super Cross being a very vital race towards securing maximum points towards the 2010 Championships, Dinesh and his crew did their best to do just that. However due to an equipment failure within the driver cabin area, Dinesh was obliged to lower the pace and thus finished 3rd in the first race.


However Dinesh starting on the 3rd grid once again (grid being decided from the results of race 01), he drove his way to finish 2nd in race 02 and to secure 8 points towards the SLARDAR Championship and the National GT Championship.
The last round for the current 2010 season will be Gunners Super Cross which again will be conducted after a lapse of 3 years and this will be the event where the 2010 SLARDAR Champion and the 2010 National Champion will be decided.
We wish all the very best for Dinesh and his crew to secure the 2010 Championships.

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