Dinesh came to Gajaba Super Cross with the hope of closing the Championship gap of the 2011 SLARDAR Championship with Pasindu Peiris, but things turned out much differently when his Lancer Evo X RS started to give trouble yet again!!


With an over heating engine which Dinesh’s crew could not rectify since Saturday morning, Dinesh was obliged to qualify with his ill Lancer Evo X RS. With a limping car, it allowed Dinesh to perform just one lap during qualifying which secured him the fastest time of the day and thus securing his pole position.


The pole position however didn't help Dinesh much on Sunday during the race as his Lancer Evo X RS continued to over heat and resulted him to back off and ending up 3rd in race 01 and not allowing him to start race 02.


With zero points in race 02 made Pasindu Peiris by far the 2011 SLARDAR Champion in the SL-GT up to 3500 category. Dinesh and his crew were extremely disappointed to the immense problems that the Lancer Evo X RS has given them which they have never experienced with any other earlier versions of the Evo series.

Dinesh will now need to decide if he is going to move forward with the Lancer Evo X RS with the races to come or to see the possibilities of changing the car which we will keep all the fans posted in the coming weeks. The next event will be the Sevanagala Rally which will be round II of the 2011 National Rally Championship to be worked out on September 18, 2011.

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