Gunner Super Cross was the last race scheduled for 2010 SLARDAR Championship and the 2010 National GT Championship.


It was a very difficult season for Dinesh as he was struggling to find the right balance of the car where it was under-powered specially with the Evo IXs that were driven by many of his competitors.


It was steady progress that Dinesh made through the 2010 season and he is now confident of being able to compete on par with the rest of the Evo IXs that are in his class.Gunner Super Cross 2010 was also the first meet where the Evo X secured pole position but Dinesh could only finished second to Pasindu Peiris as Dinesh having made a driver error and thus losing the lead on the last lap of the first race.



Dinesh and his team are confident being able to fight back to retain the lost title this year during the 2011 season. We are sure almost all the races in 2011 would be breath taking for the fans.

As for the next event, Dinesh will also compete for the first time in his own Evo X at the K-1000 Rally to be held in Bangalore, India during the first weekend of December 2010.

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