The race weekend could have been much better for Dinesh when he was faced with unexpected gearbox failure during the Saturday morning’s practice session which resulted him not being able to qualify and left him with no choice but to start from the back of the grid on Sunday.


Starting at the back of the grid in a super cross meet means limited visibility and Dinesh’s main aim was to finish the race and score the maximum possible points for the 2011 National Gravel Championship and the 2011 SLARDAR Championship.


With the repaired gear box by Sunday morning minus the reverse gear, Dinesh didn't want to spin out or get caught in a pileup where if it happed so it would have been the end of the race with no reverse gear working.

However Dinesh secured third place in race 01 and second place in race 02. These 2 placing’s collected 14 points but it made the gap for the 2011 SLARDAR Championship fight made it more difficult for Dinesh with the title leader Pasindu Peiris with the gap widening from 6 point after Cavalry Super Cross to 12 points after Gunner Super Cross.


However Dinesh continues to lead in the rest of the 4 Championships but will do his best to fight back for the 2011 SLARDAR Championship. The next event will be the SLARDAR Katukurunda which will be round “V” of the 2011 SLARDAR Championship.

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