SLARDAR Katukurunda 2009 was meet that every body could remember for a long time as Ashan Silva in his EVO III went on to win both races easily against the much more newer & advanced cars that were on the track. Our congratulations to him for the brilliant 2 races he drove.

  As for Dinesh, he qualified second on the grid and with the limited performance on the straight line, he finished third and fourth in race 01 and race 02 respectively. This was one of the poorest performances at this track for Dinesh since 1998, where he ensured a podium finish in all the races he competed.
  The brighter side of it is that at the end of Katu, Dinesh has taken lead in the all the 4 Championships that are worked out for 2009.

Next race for Dinesh will be the Sigiriya Rally Cross to be held on September 27, 2009.

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