It took almost 2 years for Dinesh and his team to get the Evo X somewhat competitive to pose a challenge to the older versions, which are faster on the straight line. However the Evo X is far superior in handling when compared to the earlier models of the Evo series.


As Katukurunda is well known for it 2 long straights, top speed for the cars are very vital to have a good result. However Dinesh qualified 4th on the grid out of the 11 car line up.


On race day it was clearly visible that the Evo X lacked the straight-line speed and could not mach the power of the other front-runners. Dinesh’s earlier Evo IX GT driven by MissakaNaveen kept the Evo X of Dinesh behind him in both races whilst the STi VIII of Darin Weerasinghe went on to win both race 01 and 02.


As the other top contenders such as Aravinda Premadasa, Pasindu Peiris and Janaka Dias could not secure points as anticipated, Dinesh climbed the 2010 Champion chart by 3 places to fight back for the 2010 title.

The next event would be the Cavalry Super Cross to be held on August 29, 2010 in which Dinesh hopes to advance further in the Championship standings.

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