It was in 2005 when we last saw a race at Pannala for the SL-GT cars Since then there were Formula 1300cc and Ford Formulas that were competed, but not the SL-GT cars.


As these cars have improved tremendously in terms of power within the last 6 years and at the same time competition too have seen more cars on the grid, the organizers decided to implement the 34mm turbo restrictor for this meet. These regulations will be continued throughout the 2011 National Tarmac Championship and the Speed 2011 Championship.


It was not a new circuit for Dinesh, as his performance at Pannala has been podium finishes in all the races he have competed. He proved that his touch at Pannala after 6 years remained very much alive when he secured pole position on Saturday and then going to win the race on Sunday.


His victory secured him maximum points for the National Tarmac Championship and the Speed 2011 Championship.

Dinesh and his crew will have a 2 month break after Pannala and the next race scheduled is Fox Hill Super Cross to be conducted on April 16, 2011. This will be round 2 of the 2011 SLARDAR Championship.

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