Dinesh and his crew came to Pannala in good spirits because they were leading the 2012 National Tarmac Championship as well as the Speed 2012 Championship.


Qualifying was very closely contested with the top 3 drivers being separated by a mere 0.3 seconds with Dinesh being placed at grid 3, Ashan Silva at grid 2 and Pasindu Peiris at pole.


On race day it was Ashan Silva who took the lead from the start to the end where he drove a flawless race to take victory. However Dinesh took almost 7 laps to get ahead of Pasindu Peiris and in lap 8 turn 2 there was an incident where Pasindu Peiris's Evo IX GT collided with Dinesh's New Lancer Evo RS which resulted in Dinesh's EVO spinning off the track. However with both cars coming on to the track and Pasindu leading once again from Dinesh, with sheer determination and courage of Dinesh, he manages to overtake Pasindu at turn 7 and finish the race in second place.


However with a protest being lodged by Dinesh against Pasindu Peiris due to his maneuver on or about lap 8 turn 2, the awards for 2nd and 3rd places were withheld till the protest has been concluded. Subsequent to Dinesh's protest to Pasindu, he too protested against Dinesh against his overtaking on lap 7 turn 4 and lap 10 turn 7. The Championship points will be allocated once the inquiries for the protests are concluded.

The next event will be Cavalry Super Cross to be held on June 03, 2012 at Pangolla which will be a part of the 2012 National Gravel Championship and the 2012 SLARDAR Championship.

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