It was a rally with mixed feelings for Dinesh and his Co-driver Mushtaq as they lost the 2009 title by a mere 0.8 seconds.


All what Dinesh needed was to finish 4th overall to clinch the 2009 title but disaster struck them during stage 4 when they cleared a jump and ended with a nose dive.  This resulted in a broken inter cooler and damage also to the turbo unit.


With this unfortunate incident Dinesh & Mushtaq were pushed down to 5th overall in the MRA Rally Championship from the over nights lead and thus ended the rally by 0.8 seconds behind the 4th overall driver.  0.8 seconds were all what the duo needed to secure the title for the 7th time but it was yet so far away.


However Dinesh ends up the season by winning 3 Championships out of the 4 that were worked and look forward to yet another competitive 2010 season ahead of him. 

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