2010 Sigiriya Rally Cross was a race that all the SL-GT drivers would remember for many years to come as race 2 was a disaster for some, in terms of a massive pileup accident (which included Dinesh) and for the rest who were not involved ended up as DSQ (Disqualified).  So all the drivers ended up without scoring any points.


Although Dinesh qualified second on the grid out of the 14 cars that competed, he finished 8th in Race 01.  This secured with just a single point towards the 2010 National GT Championship and zero points for 2010 SLARDAR Championship.


It was the worst starts for any Championship Dinesh has ever encountered and he has much to catch in the coming races and as always he would do his best to be at the top as done so before.


The next event for Dinesh would be the Carlton Super Cross at Tissa to be worked out on 20-21/03/2010 which will be round III of the 2010 National GT Championship.

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